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International Service Opportunities from buildOn

Eva Jeanne Markosky

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Eva Jeanne Markosky earned a bachelor of science in Energy Business and Finance and competed on the school’s boxing team. Additionally, Eva Jeanne Markosky participated in fundraising efforts for organizations such as the Covenant Presbyterian Church and buildOn.

An international nonprofit organization that empowers young people through community service, buildOn operates programs in 50 high schools in challenging urban areas. On average, 97 percent of buildOn students graduate and go on to college. As part of its mission to end the cycle of poverty, buildOn focuses on educating students about both local and global issues, as well as enables their participation in community service projects in their communities. Additionally, buildOn students participate in global service experiences, traveling to some of the world’s poorest areas to help construct schools. Living and working with host families in rural areas, buildOn students help build schools and participate in cultural activities that deepen their own commitment to education.

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